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Surprised Pikachu Pokemon Meme


Surprised Pikachu is typically used as a way to mock or show fake surprise. It can be shown with or without text, typically to make fun of an outcome that should have been obvious but wasn't at the time. It is one of the biggest memes of 2018 and has continued to be a popular meme even today. 

It is primarily used as a sarcastic response reaction image to something that was obvious and predictable. 

It earned the status of #1 meme of the year for 2018, as well as one of the top 10 memes of the decade by It really is one of the best memes of all time. It's no surprise as Pikachu continues to be one of the most famous pokemon of all time.


The image of Pikachu comes from Season 1, Episode 10 of the Pokémon anime series. The pokemon anime episode was titled "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village" (timestamp 3:05), which aired on June 3rd, 1997.

Surprised Pikachu entered meme history on Tumblr on September 26th, 2018 when it was first used in the following brief exchange:

me: hmm what happens if i forcibly bend this thing

thing: *breaks*


Surprised pickachu image

This Tumblr post received over 311,000 notes, likes, and comments.

Later that week, the image was posted on Reddit's viral image message board. It then spread from there to Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

In March 2019, Twitter user @0xKruzr reported that accounts using the surprised Pikachu meme were getting suspended with the reason being that it was "posting gratuitous gore." While the exact reason why Surprised Pikachu was automatically considered gratuitous gore was not determined, several users suggested that it could have been a result of the image being mass-reported.

In the news

In September 2018, The Daily Dot wrote about the Surprised Pikachu meme. In the article, they shared a few other versions of Pikachu that are meme-worthy.

Pikachu Different Expressions

Pikachu is actually the best source for reaction images

— valeforXD @ DREAMS FEB 14 (@valeforXD) October 9, 2018 

Reddit and Facebook 

As we mentioned, this meme gained popularity by appearing on Reddit after first being posted on Tumblr. 

On September 30th, 2018, surprised Pikachu appeared on /r/MemeEconomy, where it received over 900 upvotes. 

On October 2nd, 2018, it appeared on Facebook's Meme Extreme group, where it received over 4,000 likes and 4,000 shares.

It was particularly popular on /r/me_irl, where one version of the format gained over 3,900 upvotes. 

A variant of the meme for Game of Thrones appeared on /r/freefolk and gained over 20,000 upvotes.

Game of Thrones Surprised Pikachu


Other examples

This is considered the first meme to use Surprised Pikachu, back in September 2018

surprised pikachu_upvote meme

A common reddit meme when people try and get themselves upvotes.

surprised pikachu_peels scab

Kind of a gross tweet, but also very true

Know your meme


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